Whether in-venue or out-of-venue, online or offline, leagues, sports teams (both traditional and esports), and venues have the opportunity to connect with their fans like never before.

From better engagement in and out-of-venue, to improved support processes, to creating unique interactive experiences, to empowering employees to deliver greater impact, we’re taking the fan experience to the next level.

Fan DX centralizes key business processes and experiences into an integrated platform that allows for highly engaging employee and fan engagement and hyper-personalization across:

  • Ticket Sales
  • Premium Ticketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Activations
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Venue Operations
  • Team Operations
  • Philanthropy
  • Analytics

Level up every part of your fan and employee experience.


Superior Fan Engagement

Give your fans the attention they expect. By building a 360° view of your fans, you’re able to deliver a connected, highly personalized experience from ticket purchase to in-venue on event day. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to deliver meaningful experiences for your fans, and with a robust customer database that is accessible across the venue, you can make every interaction hyper-personal, memorable, and beyond expectations.

Optimized Ticketing

Ticket sales matter. A lot. You need to fill your venue to capacity, but you also want to ensure you’re providing a more personalized and meaningful experience for your fans. As a preferred partner for integrating with Artics Ticketing System, we know how to set you up for success when it comes to tech stack alignment, driving upsell and cross sell opportunities, managing single ticket, season ticket, and suite leasing purchases, and internal enablement to make your ticketing process work for you and your fans.

Ease of Access

We live in a mobile world, and sports teams and venues need to adopt a “mobile first” approach to meet fan expectations. With our integrated approach, the “venue of the future” is possible today. From sales, ticketing, food & beverage, facilities and beyond, connecting your entire venue through a mobile-first strategy keeps everyone aligned in real-time and empowered to provide  the hyper-personalized moments to make a fan’s in-venue experience memorable.

Super Charged Sponsorships

Take “Brought to you by” to the next level with the perfect combination of technology and strategy. With Sales Cloud configured to optimize the proposal, quoting, and selling process and Marketing Cloud integrated to nurture sponsors and activate sponsorships agreement, you’ll be able to deliver premium sponsorship experiences like never before.

Why Fan DX?

Fan DX, an end-to-end solution powered by Salesforce, is the formula needed to digitally transform how the modern day sports, esports, entertainment organization, or holding company manages their business.

Lev offers a world-class team of marketing strategists and Salesforce experts to help companies level up fan engagement and drive marketing success. By leveraging our deep expertise and our cross-cloud solution, we enable sports and entertainment companies to connect with their fans whether in-person or online to create meaningful experiences, build loyalty, and drive business success.

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