Great marketers know that great brands are everything. Great brands help guide you to create exceptional experiences, and exceptional experiences help elevate great brands.

At Lev, we help marketers bring their brands to life through every customer interaction by leveraging engaging copy, breathtaking visuals, and exceptional executions.

We believe in leveraging our combination of deep strategic expertise and technical prowess to help develop and deliver legendary experiences that will set your brand apart.

Our Creative Services team provides flexible offerings to meet your specific needs—which can range from helping shape your entire brand strategy, to providing guidance on writing effective copy, or designing captivating emails and digital advertisements.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

We’ll help you define your brand and bring it to life. Through market research, persona development, and analyzing past campaign performance, we help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer and provide strategic recommendations to help create legendary experiences that put your brand at the center. 

Advertising Creative

No matter where you’re at, we work with you to ensure you have a sound strategy, know your most optimal channels, and then, we provide creative direction and execution to bring your digital campaigns to life. From display ads, to social media, to emails and landing pages, we leverage your brand strategy and guidelines to create attention-grabbing visuals and copy that will drive results.
Email Copywriting + Design

Email Copywriting + Design

While we have developed extensive expertise across the digital marketing landscape, email is kind of our bread and butter at Lev.  We combine our copywriting and design expertise to create scalable, dynamic emails that help you put your brand’s best foot forward—all the way from the subject line and pre-header, to the CTAs, and everything in between.
Content Assessments

Content Assessments

Are you wondering if your content could be driving more results? Why guess when you can know? We can provide a data-driven analysis across your digital channels to help identify gaps and highlight opportunities to improve the effectiveness of your messaging and content. We’ll give you actionable takeaways to help you develop content that achieves your business goals.
Creative Audits

Creative Audits

Your designs might be beautiful, but are they effective? Through a Creative Audit, we’ll evaluate your existing creative assets, and identify what might need to be refreshed or reimagined based on thorough performance analysis. We’ll assess if your creative is providing a cohesive experience across channels, and help provide creative direction to help you take your brand to the next level.
Asset Development

Asset Development

We help you put your best foot forward across all digital channels—including website UX, optimized email designs, preference centers, banner ads, social content, and more. When you need some extra help to refresh outdated designs, write email copy, or need all hands on deck to get a campaign out the door on time, we’re able to act as an extension of your team, and we’ll put just as much time and care into your brand as you do.



A year after implementing Marketing Cloud, a leading online furniture retailer was seeking opportunities to optimize their customer engagement with their emails. After conducting a performance optimization assessment, Lev identified an opportunity for the customer to leverage responsive email design techniques to improve the user experience of their emails.

The customer agreed to a 1-month test run with their initial Welcome email, and Lev developed a responsive header, live text, a responsive body, and stylized ALT tag for the customer.

The customer’s new responsive version saw a 5.8% increase in Click-to-Open rate and a 10% decrease in unsubscribes.

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