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As digital experiences become more ubiquitous, financial services (FINS) institutions are being tasked with delivering the types of online interactions customers experience in other areas of their lives. From large banks to regional credit unions to insurance firms to wealth management groups, we’ve worked with companies across the financial services industry to develop and build innovative, user-friendly, secure solutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We’ve worked with:

  • Banking/Credit Unions
  • Capital Markets
  • Wealth Management
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • FINTech

Opportunities + Trends

Fully-online banking

Fully-online banking

Many financial institutions are just starting down the path of upleveling their digital engagement with customers. From app development, to leveraging social media, to maximizing the email channel, FINS companies have the opportunity to develop “The Bank of the Future.” By leveraging tools like Salesforce, brands have more resources than ever to help find, engage, and retain their customers through digital outreach and engagement.
Predictive marketing

Predictive marketing

Customers respond to proactive marketing. Using what FINS companies know about customer behavior, cross-sell or upsell opportunities, and how demographics relate to typical consumer interests, FINS marketers can develop a “next best action” approach to positively impact the customer lifecycle. By capturing accurate customer data in a secure, centralized location and then utilizing that day to gain customer insights and build customer journeys, there is endless opportunity for FINS marketers to meet customers where they are to drive the actions.
Omnichannel experiences

Omnichannel experiences

While standard approaches work – having an email marketing strategy, a user-friendly website, a social media presence, a cadence of direct mail outreach – coordination across those channels and more provides even greater opportunity for conversion. Developing and deploying campaigns to reach current and future customers across channels increases the opportunity for reaching your audience and provides the ability to optimize the channels performing best, which may change from one campaign to the next.
Data privacy + security

Data privacy + security

For the financial services industry, data privacy and security is key. There is no room for error, as one small mistake can cost millions of dollars and destroy any consumer trust that has been established. That’s why it’s imperative to have a partner that understands industry regulations, takes data security seriously, and works closely with companies to ensure their marketing initiatives are fully compliant and secure.



A commercial bank on the East Coast had a comprehensive Paid Media strategy that they felt was not producing results. Looking for new solutions, the bank turned to Lev to evaluate their existing campaign performance and recommend a new strategy, while implementing Audience Studio and Datorama and maximizing their use of Ad Studio.

Lev performed an end-to-end campaign analysis across all paid channels and discovered that virtually all campaigns were inaccurately optimized or weren’t reflective of the bank’s overall business goals. Lev provided a plan to fix existing campaigns, eliminate underperforming campaigns, and provide a comprehensive go-forward strategy for new campaigns that lined up with business goals. The new strategy leveraged Datorama to visualize impacts from performance and spend across channels.

Reconfiguring and adjusting optimization resulted in an immediate ROI for legacy campaigns. The cost per customer acquisition dropped by 43% immediately. As the company continued to iterate on the strategy and execute upon their new strategy, they were able to continue to decrease the cost per customer acquisition by 68%, and saw a 300% increase in conversions.

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