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Whether you’re a healthcare provider, medical device manufacturer, or payer—we’ve done and seen it all. With deep expertise spanning the healthcare and life sciences industries, we know that creating meaningful connections for patients, members, stakeholders, caregivers, and partners is key no matter what your role is within the industry. We’ve partnered with:
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Opportunities + Trends in HLS

Data-driven personalization

Data-driven personalization

Knocking down data silos and creating a single, shared view of the patient has been a top priority for nearly all HLS organizations in recent years. HLS organizations understand the importance of creating personalized experiences for every patient they interact with. People want to be treated like people—not just a number—especially when it comes to their health and well-being. By leveraging tools like Salesforce to create personalized experiences at scale, HLS marketers can become key drivers in building patient trust and putting relationships first.
Emergence of digital health

Emergence of digital health

Healthcare as we knew it will never be the same with the rapid innovations being made in the digital health space. A better, healthier life is now at the fingertips of most patients—with apps, websites, video chat options, and digital devices that help patients monitor their health and activity levels, and connect with healthcare professionals like never before. Patient data is also being tracked like never before, and more so, patients have unprecedented insights into their own health. Leading HLS organizations are evolving to provide more resourceful content to patients, developing online portals and apps of their own to provide more insight to their patients, and exploring strategic integrations for a cross-channel patient experience.
Relationships first

Relationships first

In regards to putting relationships first, leading HLS organizations are putting patients at the center of everything they do—no matter what their role within the industry is. Providers, payers, and manufacturers are all leveraging the Salesforce platform with the same goal: build better relationships, at scale. By building a unified organization through end-to-end technology solutions, HLS organizations are working towards connecting their businesses to ultimately better connect with their patients.
Cross-channel experiences

Cross-channel experiences

With the emergence of digital health—and technology as a whole—the opportunities to connect with patients in new and meaningful ways can be seemingly endless. By creating a consistent patient experience across all channels—websites, mobile apps, emails, video chats, SMS, and in-person—healthcare marketers are thinking about the end-to-end patient experiences in new ways and leveraging cross-channel campaigns to connect with patients. From acquisition, to retention, to reputation management, and beyond, healthcare marketers continue to find innovative ways to build meaningful relationships with their patients.



A leading healthcare provider (HCP) in California was seeking to maximize their investment in Marketing Cloud, and ultimately decided to migrate from SFMC 1.0 to 2.0 to add  Journey Builder capabilities to their tech stack.

Prior to migrating to SFMC 2.0, the HCP was sending everything manually and having a hard time finding HIPAA-compliant personalized ways to communicate with their patients. Lev helped them migrate their SFMC instance from 1.0 to 2.0, and built an integration with EPIC—their patient data warehouse. Prior to the integration, the HCP received bi-weekly email lists of patients who had recently interacted with their emergency care services, but had not set up a patient account. The lack of an account meant patient follow-up was often delayed and the process was extremely manual.

The new integration enabled an automated file drop for a more frequent data transfer between the two systems, while also setting up field-level encryption to ensure HIPAA-compliance by protecting identifiable patient data. The new integration greatly reduced the organization’s siloing of data. Lev also created a connector with Service Cloud to enable the transfer of physician data into SFMC.

Once these integrations were in place, Lev helped implement two key journeys: 

  •  An onboarding journey which included a primary care physician assignment
  • A reminder journey to set up an online patient account with a personalized activation code

What used to be a manual process is now completely automated, and Lev also built automated reports showcasing conversions from the two journeys.Not only did this have an incredible impact on reducing the time spent executing on these campaigns, it also had an incredible impact on reducing patient attrition. Through the journey implementation, the HCP has seen a reduction in patient attrition by nearly 8,000 patients per month.

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