Digital delivers when it comes to engaging your audience.

Whether you’re trying to engage current students, prospective students, parents or donors, having a well-rounded approach to connecting with your audience both online and in-person is critical. Everyone is competing for attention, so finding new ways to share information, connect with your target audience, and provide the proper motivation to drive action is top of mind for many organizations and institutions. We’ve worked with:

  • Nonprofits
  • Higher Ed
  • K-12
  • Trade Schools
  • Exam Preparation and Tutoring
  • For-profit Education

Opportunities + Trends


Omni-channel engagement

Your audience engages with you in a wide variety of ways: on your website, through email communications, and on social media. Whether you’re announcing a new funding campaign, sharing school-year protocols, or recruiting a new class of graduates, delivering your message across as many channels as possible ensures maximum reach and maximum ROI out of limited marketing resources and bandwidth.

Tapping into mobile

“Mobile first” should be a strategic approach for every organization and institution, as mobile devices have become the primary conduit to parents, students, and donors in many cases. Whether you’re ensuring that your website and emails are optimized for mobile in order to capitalize on your audience favoring their phones, or implementing a text-to-donate option to lower the barrier to entry for new donors, keeping mobile in mind can provide significant opportunity for engagement.

Personalization to drive affinity

Personalization has become tablestakes when it comes to engaging with your audience. We know that consumers expect more customized outreach (beyond just a name in the subject line or the email) and that personalized communications build strong relationships between the individual and the brand. For nonprofits, this can mean delivering specific campaigns for monthly donors or promoting new initiatives based on past donor activity. For schools, understanding your ideal candidate profile and delivering targeted messages specifically crafted for those students can drive up enrollment.

Unlocking the power of AI

Whether highly advanced or more basic in applications, artificial intelligence has the power to shake up the nonprofit and education spaces for the better. AI learning experiences in the classroom are still developing and innovative teachers are constantly finding new ways to utilize AI-driven tools and apps to enhance the learning experience. For nonprofits and higher ed institutions, however, using AI is more immediately tangible when it comes to anticipating donor, student, or parent engagement paths and delivering multi-channel journeys or other experiences designed to anticipate their needs or potential next actions.



Higher education institutions face a unique challenge of optimizing the prospective student experience while also identifying prospective students who are ready to apply. For one private research university, providing the right experience to gather information about prospective students is critical to hitting their enrollment goals for their executive education program. 

The university’s executive education program teamed up with Lev to design and develop a dynamic landing page experience for prospective students to request additional information. Using UX and CRO best practices, Lev designed a page that let students request more information about the program and collect qualifying information for the university.

With Lev’s strategic, creative design, the institution’s executive education program started collecting more information about prospective students. More data about students at the start of inquiry helps the continuing education program provide more personalized information and encourage prospective students to apply.

Lev performed an end-to-end campaign analysis across all paid channels and discovered that virtually all campaigns were inaccurately optimized or weren’t reflective of the bank’s overall business goals. Lev provided a plan to fix existing campaigns, eliminate underperforming campaigns, and provide a comprehensive go-forward strategy for new campaigns that lined up with business goals. The new strategy leveraged Datorama to visualize impacts from performance and spend across channels.

Reconfiguring and adjusting optimization resulted in an immediate ROI for legacy campaigns. The cost per customer acquisition dropped by 43% immediately. As the company continued to iterate on the strategy and execute upon their new strategy, they were able to continue to decrease the cost per customer acquisition by 68%, and saw a 300% increase in conversions.

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