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As an industry filled with highly-complex businesses, manufacturing marketers have often relied on their dealer relationships to help sell their products and keep their customers happy. But now, manufacturing marketers are more enabled than ever to build meaningful relationships directly with their customers; better align their sales, marketing, and operations; and take their channel marketing efforts for dealers and retailers to the next level. The opportunities are endless for manufacturing marketers to maximize their customer lifecycle, and we’ve helped marketers in the following areas do just that:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Appliance manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Food & beverage manufacturing
  • Consumer goods manufacturing
  • Furniture manufacturing

Opportunities + Trends


Going B2B2C

Historically, manufacturing marketers have largely depended on their retailers and distributors to sell their products—with little information or insights on their end-customer. However, by leveraging tools such as Salesforce Audience Studio to capture and leverage 3rd-party customer data, Social Studio for social listening, and Datorama to measure ROI on various marketing channels, manufacturers can begin to form a 360-view of their customer, enabling them to market directly to their customers, gain real-time insights, and help grow their business.

Driving dealer engagement

While manufacturers are more empowered than ever to have meaningful relationships directly with their customers, manufacturer-dealer relationships will always be an integral part of the customer experience. Dealer engagement can be a challenge, as dealers often feel inundated by irrelevant information, and are often too busy selling and managing field service efforts to truly engage with marketing efforts. By leveraging segmentation, dynamic content, and AI tools, such as Einstein Analytics, manufacturers can send personalized messages at the right time to ensure dealers are only getting information that’s pertinent to them at a time when they’re ready to receive it.

Growing their first-party datasets

First-party data is the future of marketing—and manufacturing marketers have the opportunity to get creative and elevate their customer experience as a way to capture first-party data. Integrated, cross-channel experiences are becoming more prevalent across all industries, and innovative manufacturers are leveraging technology like IoT (Internet of Things), integrated apps, and more to acquire and leverage first-party data like never before.

Leveraging distributed marketing

Distributed marketing tools like Salesforce help marketers create a connected and consistent customer experience like never before. Distributed marketing helps take channel marketing to the next level by enabling marketers and their partners—including field service, retailers, dealers, and sales—to access relevant customer journeys across the customer lifecycle, deploy personalized messages, and share insights on performance of their campaigns.



A well-known manufacturer of consumer appliances was beginning to manufacture “smart” products as a way to enhance the experience with their product, capture first-party data, and engage directly with their customers.

By leveraging IoT (Internet of Things), the manufacturer was able to provide real-time insights into product status to their customers—including important and time-sensitive information—like whether or not the product needs servicing or attention from the customer.

As they continued to generate more and more first-party data, they integrated their IoT technology with Salesforce, which then sent their data into Marketing Cloud to generate personalized, 1:1 emails to both customers and dealers to alert of potential hazards, provide product updates, and more.

They leveraged Marketing Cloud for improved segmentation, personalized journeys, and cross-channel communication (email, SMS, and push), to engage with prospective customers, provide product updates to existing customers and create upsell opportunities, and engage with dealers to drive them to convert prospects.

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