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Strategy drives every engagement with our customers—from leading global transformations to reinventing customer journeys. With our Marketing Strategy Accelerator, our Strategic Consulting team brings a bespoke approach to strategy creation: pushing beyond siloed transformation by collaborating with all stakeholders to grow ROI, reduce costs, improve customer retention, and increase operational agility.  

Proven Strategic Outcomes that Increase ROI

The Lev team, with their proven track record of experience-led strategy development and communication planning and execution, will dig deep into your business to identify areas of opportunity for growth and provide strategic recommendations backed up by proven results. Lean on Lev to: 

  • Identify revenue and operational excellence KPIs
  • Spot paths for functional support of revenue generation
  • Pinpoint key data required to drive MarTech outcomes

  • Establish digital marketing operating models
  • Craft personalization use cases and content strategies
  • Shift to from leading with tech to experiences and outcomes

  • Fill knowledge and skill set gaps
  • Implement and execute on a communication plan to increase buy-in
  • Train teams with comprehensive enablement and documentation
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Access Expert Consulting Anytime, Anywhere

Have you ever wished for a go-to expert on all things “marketing”? A sage-like team member? Our concierge consulting will provide you a dedicated resource to help you overcome your most pressing challenges. Gain recommendations on campaign ideation, optimization and reporting, campaign and content analysis, MarTech implementations and strategy, and more. 

Craft Personalized Experiences for All Segments

Craft Personalized Experiences for All Segments

Customer segmentation and personalization are two of the most effective strategies, but the most difficult to implement. By performing a comprehensive audit of your customers and segments, we’ll help you craft effective segmentation and personalization strategies that are designed for optimal engagement and revenue results. 


Customer Lifecycle Roadmap Development 

Realize a faster return on investment in marketing technology with Lev’s customer lifecycle roadmap services. Through customer insights and workshops, we’ll craft a customized, detailed lifecycle strategy that will transform ideas into action, focusing on a calendarized and phased approach that balances near-term needs with long-term goals. Some deliverables you can expect after an engagement include use case recommendations, prioritization matrices, and gap analysis by customer lifecycle stage.

Optimize Cross-Channel Campaign Performance 

From paid ads to email, we perform a deep dive into your current cross-channel campaigns, including revenue generation, deliverability metrics, engagement metrics, segmentation, device usage, and content effectiveness to identify opportunities to optimize engagement and drive results.

Optimize Cross-Channel Campaign Performance

Establish an Effective and Creative Ad Strategy 

We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of your digital campaigns and craft an effective ad strategy and campaigns that engage your customers through every step of their journey with your brand. From acquisition to engagement and retention, we’ll work with you to identify key touchpoints and integrate across platforms.

Establish an Effective and Creative Ad Strategy

Comprehensive Deliverability Assessments 

Do you know if all of your emails are being delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes, or spam folders, or not at all? Unfortunately, ISPs are the judge and jury when it comes to subscribers receiving emails, but you aren’t powerless when send rates are low. Lev dives deep into current sending practices, sender reputation, subscriber engagement, list hygiene, and email acquisition tactics to provide a comprehensive strategy to ensure your emails are making it to customers’ inboxes.



Reducing Campaign Development Time by Over 40% with a Comprehensive Strategy Audit

Acquisitions indirectly lead to the development of a maze: A maze chock full of conflicting processes and technical debt. This healthcare organization immediately took action, creating a technology suite that met their operational needs. Unfortunately, heavy processes that relied on many contingents hindered quality and scalability. Unsure how to move forward, their marketing team asked Lev for a second opinion.

The Lev team spent 500+ hours of analysis, interviewing key stakeholders and users across 11 teams to craft a comprehensive assessment deck that detailed research methodology, their challenges, strategic recommendations across people, process, and technology, and timeline next steps. 

After a 6-week assessment, Lev provided strategic recommendations on how this healthcare company could upgrade their marketing operations, such as grouping their business units by therapeutic area, making it easier to reuse campaigns and segments. As a result, they reduced campaign development time by 40%.

Level Up Your Customer Relationships

Reach out to our Marketing Strategy and Services team to learn how they can help you build more effective segmentation and personalization strategies, so you can reach your customers where they are at with the right messaging and drive stronger customer connections.

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