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Technology disrupted the way people plan and take vacations the same way technology is disrupting the way people consume content today. On one side, customers are faced with more content options than ever before and are hindered by “analysis paralysis” when it comes to deciding what content to engage with. On the other side, consumer expectations for increased personalization and targeted content place demands on distribution and marketing. Both of these impact the way media + entertainment marketers engage their audiences, finding innovative ways to make their content stand out and create personalized experiences that capture viewer’s attention. Lev has worked with visionary media and entertainment companies and provided solutions on the forefront of digital marketing. We’ve partnered with:

  • Television Production 
  • News Media 
  • Streaming Media
  • Print & Publishing
  • Advertising 
  • Live Entertainment Venues
  • Film Studios
  • OTT
  • Cable & Satellite Providers
  • Music

Opportunities + Trends


OTT services & subscriptions on the rise

As a hyper-competitive market, new over-the-top (OTT) streaming services are entering the market everyday and competing for consumer’s attention. With the average household reporting 3.4 streaming service subscriptions, finding a niche and connecting with the audience is critical for growth and engagement. Each OTT will look to differentiate themselves, not only via content, but also via experience in order to become the first choice and stay the first choice for viewers.

Leveraging data for personalized experiences

In the digital age, consumers expect a higher degree of personalization in messaging, recommendations, and service. Consumer viewing data is available like never before—and OTT services can now leverage both behavioral (genres, viewing frequency, average viewing duration, etc.) and demographic data to help inform content strategy. With most streaming services investing billions of dollars in creating custom content, leveraging audience preferences to inform investment will become of utmost importance.

Cross-channel communications drive viewership

Once producers create content, marketing it to the right audiences to drive viewership and engagement is key to helping cut through the noise and overcoming analysis paralysis. Leveraging personas, segmentation, and personalized messaging across channels like SMS, email, social, and push to share the right content with the right people helps to cut through the noise and lets viewers know you understand them.

Communities are more important than ever

As streaming makes content more readily available,  we see different communities of viewers self-identify and engage with one another.  The same technologies that bring you content also enable the communities that support and promote that content.  For example, it’s never been easier to follow a show or an actor via social media, and engage with fans who follow as well.   Additionally, we see fans share content more readily, frequently and easily.  Just think of how easy it is to find a Netflix show on your smartphone, hit share, and text the title to your friends and family.  And while a proliferation of content abounds, most consumers still rely on recommendations from friends to determine what to watch next.



A film production company was experiencing a growing subscriber base, but had no way to collect beneficial information. They needed a public-facing location for an advanced welcome journey. They also needed a way to create custom materials for different movies to improve engagement. Lastly, they lacked a way to effectively integrate their database with promotional efforts and customer interaction or the option to segment based on preferences or subscriber data.

Lev helped create a Preference Center by integrating Cloud Page with custom design, built on their website to allow anyone the ability to fill out their preferences. Lev also created microsites to capture new fans, and integrated a welcome journey to offer personalized recommendations once a subscriber is captured.

The preference center is attributed to generating 22,000 engaged subscribers through their original 1 million random email addresses. These new valuable subscribers gave the ability to collect more specific data and provided an increase in current and future segmentation. Through training & enablement, their team experienced increased platform comfortability through day-to-day tech support initially offered by Lev — so much so that they built a campaign around the preference center which motivated customer engagement and increased subscriber rates.

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