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For retailers, the consumer experience is everything. Buyers expect a seamless shopping experience, whether they are buying on their desktop, from their mobile device, over the phone, or in person. However, many retail and consumer goods (CPG) companies face siloed customer data, disparate technology platforms, or limited access to analytics, making it difficult to deliver the types of seamless, personalized experiences that buyers crave. At Lev, we thrive on creating personalized digital experiences using advanced, data-driven technology in order to engage consumers and drive sales. It’s what we do best. We’ve partnered with:
  • Department Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Speciality Retail
  • Grocers
  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Consumer Durables
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food & Beverage

Opportunities + Trends

Personalized digital experiences

Personalized digital experiences

A shopper’s online experience with a brand can be more than just browsing and buying. While brick-and-mortar stores remain popular, digital marketing provides an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.  Personalized promotions and messages can deepen brand loyalty, and personalized digital experiences can help connect customers to the specific items they’re searching for without traditional search methods.
Creating frictionless commerce

Creating frictionless commerce

More and more, consumers are turning attention away from brick and mortar stores, and focusing on online shopping. It’s forced retailers to adapt to their customers’ needs, and figure out what it means to serve them in the best way. Frictionless commerce—the process of creating seamless, convenient buying experiences that integrate naturally into a customer’s everyday activities—is imperative to the buying experience.
Multichannel buying experiences

Multichannel buying experiences

Buyers expect a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re buying on their desktop, their mobile device, over the phone, or in person. It’s important for marketers to deliver a consistent message across all channels, as multichannel experiences for customers mean multichannel opportunities for marketers to engage with their audience and drive customer retention. Utilizing email marketing and push notifications can impact online and in-store purchase behavior.
Customer-driven marketing strategies

Customer-driven marketing strategies

Focusing on the needs of the customer allows brands to stand out from the competition. Brands need to be able to identify their target audience, deliver against their needs, and build customer loyalty. Customer data—including shopping habits, feedback, and engagement insights—can influence campaigns, offerings, and product launches. It’s imperative for marketers to learn as much about their customers by gathering data through every touchpoint.



A national furniture retailer came to Lev with many disparate systems — lacking a data warehouse, CRM, or any complex integrations. They did not have a single view of the customer across systems, and as a result their customer service experience was disjointed, without personalization and continuity.

They were a current Commerce Cloud customer eager to move to the Salesforce stack for cohesion and enhanced customization. Lev developed a cross-cloud solution that integrated Service Cloud into Marketing Cloud to better serve customers and push content that is timely, relevant, and personalized. Lev also set up Personalization Builder to trigger abandoned cart emails that nurture a customer’s journey. 

The improvements they made yielded millions of dollars in revenue. As a result of the abandoned cart journey, they saw a decrease in the number of abandoned carts —& yielding $6.6 million in revenue. Their personalized emails saw a 10% increased conversion rate, ultimately yielding $1.9 million in first-time buyer revenue, and a $1.1 million revenue increase by converting first-time buyers into repeat purchasers. Overall, a 2-3% revenue increase is expected in overall customer lifetime values within the first year of going live with SFMC.

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