Scalable marketing for scaling companies.

For marketers in a hyper-growth, disruptive industry, speed, agility, and marketing at scale are critical to success. Tech marketers are often leaders when it comes to creating innovative customer experiences; they just need a tech stack that can keep up, provide flexibility, and has the ability to create streamlined processes across their entire organization. As a top global consulting partner to one of the largest and most innovative tech companies in the world, we’re particularly passionate about the tech industry, and have worked with groundbreaking tech companies in:

  • Consumer tech
  • Fintech
  • OTT
  • B2B tech
  • Digital health
  • Edtech

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Marketing at scale

Tech marketers need fast, flexible, and scalable marketing solutions. Salesforce offers a powerful suite of tools to support your entire business, meaning you can connect all functions  including sales, marketing, product, customer support—and more. Seamless integrations, unparalleled customization and flexibility, and access to real-time insights enable tech marketers to deploy, measure, refine, and repeat at a pace that lets them keep up with the rest of their business.

Gaining real-time insights

Knowing when, where, and how to reach your audience is critical to marketers in any industry—but tech marketers in particular don’t have much time to waste when it comes to measuring ROI on their various channels and campaigns. By leveraging tools like Datorama to centralize marketing data, Audience Studio to capture third-party audience data, and Social Studio for social listening, tech marketers can capitalize on real-time insights to make quick and informed decisions.

Maximizing the customer lifecycle

By creating a unified business through a seamlessly integrated tech stack, marketers can work with their sales and customer support teams to create personalized experiences and deploy targeted messages based on where a customer is in their lifecycle. Salesforce enables marketers to create, deploy, and manage campaigns from acquisition, to loyalty, upsell, cross sell,  winback, and everything in between.

Creating cross-channel campaigns

With so many channels to reach your customers through, having a centralized platform to capture, house, and leverage customer data is paramount to providing an integrated and consistent experience for your customers. Creating cross-channel journeys and campaigns that leverage email, social, SMS, display ads, push notifications, and more keep your brand top-of-mind for customers and help you always reach them where they’re at.



A category leader in web hosting and domain management services was using a homegrown solution that could no longer scale with their business. With a variety of disparate systems, integrations that required significant development and maintenance time, and extensive volumes of data, they knew they needed to look externally for a best in class solution. 

Ultimately, they identified Salesforce as the most scalable, customizable, and fully-integrated marketing solution. They partnered with Lev to implement the entire suite of Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools (Email Studio, Journey Builder, Audience Studio, Datorama, and more) and create a strategic vision and roadmap with the goal of creating a more personalized experience for their customer base across the globe.

They are also working towards the ability to synchronize and access data in real-time and make quick, informed decisions; expand their customer acquisition efforts; and effectively measure their marketing ROI across channels. They’re also prioritizing automation for a more scalable customer onboarding process, and enabling their customer success team to leverage distributed marketing to upsell to existing customers.

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