It’s about the journey and the destination.

With travel more accessible now than ever, some might say that we are in another “Golden Age” of travel. However, more accessibility can also mean more frustration for many travelers—longer waits, lack of trust, unexpected fees, and an overwhelming amount of options can take the magic out of travel. That’s why the top travel, transportation + hospitality (TTH) brands are prioritizing the customer experience through exceptional customer service, personalized communication, and seamless interactions. Lev is passionate about the travel industry, and we have experience working with each of the following:


  • Hotels + resorts
  • Travel tech
  • Gaming + casinos
  • Logistics
  • Ground transportation
  • Travel agencies
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Transportation
  • Rental companies

Opportunities + Trends in TTH

Delivering premium experiences

Delivering premium experiences

In today’s world, travelers are more concerned with their experiences, both online and offline, rather than finding the best deal. Whether you’re a travel agency, hotel, rental company, or casino—delivering premium experiences to travelers is a critical part of any growth strategy. Creating a fully-connected business by integrating technology stacks and enabling employees across the company is crucial for leading travel companies to deliver a seamless, personalized experience for travelers and guests.
Exceeding customer expectations

Exceeding customer expectations

Consumer demands are higher than ever, and as travel companies continue to evolve, those that can exceed customer expectations are the ones that will thrive. Consumers expect to be able to access booking information, adjust reservations, and locate key information on-demand. They also want to receive concierge-level service from all of their interactions with travel companies—whether making a change on a mobile app or calling guest services. That’s why leading travel companies are taking the white-glove approach to their customer experience from booking to check-out, and making an effort every step of the way to make customers feel like VIPs.
Leveraging social to grow the brand

Leveraging social to grow the brand

Travelers are looking to social media to help plan their travel—asking for advice from their followers and searching geo-tags for the most picturesque spots to share with their friends. It’s no secret that word-of-mouth (or word-of-social) is one of the best ways to grow a business. With social media, that plays a more crucial role than ever as marketers look for new ways to expand their customer base. Along these same lines, social listening is now playing a key part in helping travel companies better understand, listen to, and engage with their customers. With social listening, travel marketers can now get a pulse for what their customers are saying about their brand and their competitors, and respond in meaningful ways. 
Making travel personal

Making travel personal

Whether it’s leaving chocolate and a “Happy Anniversary” note on the pillow of a hotel room, or singing “Happy Birthday” to a passenger through the airplane intercom system, it’s safe to say that the most memorable travel experiences for many were the times when their hotel, airline, or travel company went above and beyond to make them feel special. As new tools and technologies emerge, creating these personalized experiences to surprise and delight customers is more attainable now than ever. Innovative travel companies are finding ways to infuse personalization across their entire experience—from sharing customized offers on their websites and mobile apps, sending meaningful “Happy Birthday” emails or texts, to ensuring employees know their customer names at the guest services desk and beyond.



A major gaming & hospitality organization based in Las Vegas was looking to provide a “stand-out” experience in a crowded market in an effort to keep guests on property as long as possible.

A long-time Salesforce user and Lev customer, the company came to Lev to help build and deploy three customer journey sequences to help drive property loyalty. The following journeys were identified as high value opportunities for the client:

  • Ticket Purchaser Journey: An integrated journey with Ticketmaster that pushes content to guests who have booked onsite tickets to encourage upgrades, hotel stays, and dinner reservations 
  • Stay Series Journey: Leveraging hotel reservation data to encourage guests to upgrade their rooms, stay longer, and dine on property
  • Onboarding Journey: Welcoming new rewards members with geo-targeted offers based on member’s home address vs. hotel information

All three journeys have increased and enforced brand reputation and helped foster loyalty, while increasing revenue through timely and relevant cross-sell and up-sell offers. While all journeys have exceeded expectations, the Stay Series is attributed to an 800% increase in monthly revenue and have maintained a 50+% open rate with the emails in the series. The Onboarding Journey delivered a 189% increase in monthly revenue, and maintained a 27% open rate.


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